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A Cup of Tea , please!

Looking for a place to relax, converse with your friends and enjoy a cup of tea. Look no further than the Awakening Tea Room located at 35-37 Front Street, Port Jervis, NY. Their grand opening was on October 22, 2022.

As soon as you enter this establishment there is a clam and relaxing energy. The Tea Room offers an European ambiance with sofas, table and chairs all set for High Tea. The menu offers teas from all over the world along with many “sweet and savory “ treats. You can order a pot of tea or Turkish coffee with scones, biscuits, fruits , etc.

High Tea Menu

As you enjoy your tea you will be able to view the variety of merchandise being offered. There is a crystal shop, jewelry, essential oils , singing bowls to mention a few. The proprietor of this charming retreat is Mariola Jedynasty. Mariola is originally from

Poland and told me that she fell in love with shops like this while traveling through Europe during her college years. Her dream always was to open one of her own.

Besides operating the Tea Room, Mariola is also an energy healer whose store offers Reiki,

crystal healing, Aura and Charka cleansing, bio energy therapy, psychic readings, numerology and workshops. A great place to check out !

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