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ADAC Awards


I was invited to attend the 36th annual ADAC (Alcohol and Drug Awareness Council of Orange County) poster and essay awards ceremony held at the Paramount Theater in Middletown, NY on March 12, 2023.

Each year ADAC runs a contest for the students in Orange County to create an anti-drug and alcohol poster or essay. This year’s themes were: “Be Drug Free Like Me “(Grades 1-6) and “Let’s Make OC A Drug Free County #845” (Grades 7-12). There were five levels of awards given: Honorable Mention, 3rd Place, 2nd Place, 1st Place, and Grand Prize in both the poster and essay contests. The poster contest also had two types of posters created, Art - drawn by the students – and Graphic Design – computer-designed by students. This year there were 1628 admissions from twelve school districts. Submission could be done in English or Spanish. A panel of nine judges chose the winners.


During the ceremony, each winner’s poster was projected on a screen as they were called to the stage to receive their certificate. Parents were invited to take photos of the winners with their posters as a background. The winning essays were framed and displayed in the vestibule of the theater. As essay winners were called, a poster of a book or pen was projected along with each student’s name. The students were congratulated by representatives from the DA’s office, Sheriff’s office, NYS Police, Orange County Emergency Center, a representative from Senator James Skoufis’s office, and several other dignitaries. Participants who won third, second, and first place also received a monetary award of $25, $50, and $100 respectively. The Grand prize winners received a $200.00 monetary award. Grand prize winners also received their poster framed as did the essay winners. The Grand Prize essay winners shared their essays with the audience. This year there was also a special raffle prize. The prize was donated by Legoland NY, which was 4 one day admission passes to Legoland.

Throughout the ceremony, the many sponsors and dignitaries were acknowledged for their support. In addition, a Lori Hulle Memorial Prevention Poster Award was given. This was to honor Lori for her continual support for thirty years. Every year the council recognizes one sponsor with a Partner Appreciation Award. The recipient this year was the Orange County Youth Bureau.

Essays framed and displayed.

Posters displayed

Framed posters display.

More framed posters.

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