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Broome Street Band presents scholarships and delights audience in outdoor park performance

PORT JERVIS, NY – The Broome Street Band provided an evening of outstanding music at Farnum Park last night, delighting more than fifty in its audience with an evening of lively instrumental songs. The weather was perfect for the Monday evening event, which is part of Port Jervis’ Summer Concert Series.

In addition to its musical presentations, scholarships were presented to several of the band’s student musicians – graduating students who have performed with the band for multiple years.

The Henry F. Ranich and Walter & Mary Hughes Memorial Scholarships were presented to four student musicians.

They are, as announced by Jason Csencsits and Al Gessner, Broome Street Band:

1. Joel Riel: A young man who has performed in Marching Band, Kettles, and smaller volunteering groups. He has been involved in the band for six years and has grown up and shared his joy for music with other members of the band.

2. Owen Anderson: A young man who has performed in the Wind Ensemble, Brassanova, Kettles for the last seven years. He started out with the wind ensemble and then became active in the brass group over the last few years. He has also helped organize the music, which is always a needed thing.

3. Logan Hoffman: A young man who has performed with the band for four years now. He has been involved with the Wind Ensemble and Marching Band, attending as many parades and concerts as he could.

4. Alyssa Riportella: A young woman who has been with band for two years. She has performed with the Color Guard and Twirlers.

Congratulations to each of these students, and a huge thank you to the Broome Street Band for all this band continues to do throughout each year, as it has for several decades.

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