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Clothesline Project shares messages of domestic abuse impact

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Fearless Hudson Valley hosted a powerful display last week featuring dozens and dozens of tee shirts bearing messages, swaying from clotheslines strung in Port Jervis' historic Orange Square/Veterans Park. Fully supported by PJ Police Chief William Worden and other police officers and staff who were on hand to support the event, the project drew visitors throughout the day who read the heartbreaking messages on each shirt.

But most important of all, Fearless Hudson Valley has a 24-hour crisis hotline where a trained advocate is always available to assist persons in danger and in need of help. This number is 845-562-5340. Port Jervis Police Department may also be reached 24 X 7 at 845-856-5101, and has a full time domestic abuse advocate within the department.

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