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Tuesday (1/9/24) storm advice from Port's Emergency Management Coordinator

By Sharon E. Siegel

PORT JERVIS, NY -- Port Jervis’ Emergency Management Coordinator Tom Vicchiariello is advising all in the region to be sure storm drains near their homes and in their neighborhoods are clear. He also advised that preparations be taken in case any power outages might result from a storm expected to arrive in the area tomorrow, bringing with it a lot of rain and winds of 30 MPH.

While yesterday’s storm brought nearly a foot of snow and both work and fun for the area, Vicchiariello said much of this snow is melting in today’s warmer temperatures.  Continued melting snow, combined with rain expected to arrive in the area about midday on Tuesday, could bring some concerns.

Vicchiariello said there will be hours of rain on Tuesday, with very heavy downfall predicted for a few hours Tuesday evening. These heavy hours are expected to occur between 6 and 9 p.m. Tuesday evening.

In addition to helping to prevent water backup and flooding by clearing storm drains, Vicchiariello advises, as always, to be prepared in the event of possible temporary weather-related power outages.


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