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Deerpark Planning Board

Last evening there was a public hearing held by the Deerpark Planning Board about the proposed project at New Century Films. The proposed project includes an 85-room hotel, multiple restaurants, a 3500-seat expanded multi-purpose arena, a four-story parking garage, a film production studio and costume workshop, a public gun range, parking lots, wastewater treatment facilities, and new roads, among other projects.

The meeting was attended by approximately 75 residents. First on the agenda was a presentation by the engineering firm for New Century Films. A large diagram of the project was displayed for the audience to view along with the firm’s representative explaining all aspects of the project.

After this presentation, the meeting was opened to public comment. Approximately twenty residents choose to address the board along with representatives from environmental groups. The main concerns voiced were about protecting the Neversink River, the effects of a wastewater plant, traffic impact, and the possible disruption to the ecosystem. Supporters of the project talked about how this would increase the tourism business and the benefits of tourism. People come to enjoy the events, spend money to participate and then return to their own area. Speakers who were familiar with the New Century Film group expressed their confidence in the group’s ability to comply with all the requirements needed.

Ultimately, the final decision lies with the planning board and their plans for Deerpark in the future. Interested parties are still able to submit their concerns in writing to the board for the next thirty days.

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