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Fall Foliage Festival brings great fall fun!

By Sharon E. Siegel

The Fall Foliage Festival in Port Jervis' historic downtown is always a huge success, and it's especially popular when it falls on a perfect crisp fall day like it did yesterday!

Hosted by the Port Jervis Tourism Board in its 30th festival year, the October 15, 2023

event featured dancing, lots of food, musical performances, and a chance to visit with friends, neighbors, and downtown merchants.

The more than 150 vendor booths featured a large selection of handmade products, many focused on fall, Halloween, or upcoming Christmas themes. Other vendor booths offered foods, games, information, handmade attire and outerwear, and nearly three-dozen refreshment booths with foods prepared on site. While it was rescheduled from a rainy September 24th original date, most of the vendors were able to participate this past weekend.

Entertainment included a BMX demonstration by Dialed Action Sports Team, dance performances presented by performers with The Dance Center, music by the Pistachio Bathtub and Side FX bands, and a Classic Car Show with trophies awarded.

Additional upcoming events are listed in the story link posted. Why not get out and enjoy some of this super fun fall time together?

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