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Gathering of Port's Mayors!

By Sharon E. Siegel

I have been researching and working on a publication of our city’s last village board and each of the 27 mayors (and council members in each term) that have served our city throughout its history.

Did you know that Port Jervis has had 27 mayors since becoming a city on July 26, 1907? The first mayor was also the last president of the village board.

Today I had the pleasure of photographing all six of our city’s living mayors, Mayors Robert Eccleston (#20), Richard Roberts (#22), Michael Worden (#23), Gary Lopriore (#25), Russell Potter (#26), and Kelly Decker (#27). These mayors will have a combined total of 39 years at the completion of this current term ending 12/31/2023.

I thank each of these busy gentlemen for taking time to gather for today's photos.

I am also including in my list below two late mayors who served between those pictured, Mayors E. Arthur Gray (#21) and Ross Decker (#24). While not here with us, they and all of the city's mayors and council members (past and present) are appreciated for their civic service,

20. Robert Eccleston 1972-1973

(6 years) 1974-1975


21. (E. Arthur Gray 1978-1988, 11 years)

22. Richard K. Roberts 1989-1989 (filled E. Arthur Gray’s 1989 term)

(3 years) 1990-1991

23. R. Michael Worden 1992-1993

(10 years) 1994-1995




24. (Ross Decker 2002-2003, 2 years)

25. Gary Lopriore 2004-2005

(6 years) 2006-2007


26. Russell Potter 2010-2011

(4 years) 2012-2013

27. Kelly B. Decker 2014-2015

(10 years) 2016-2017



2022-2023 (to present)

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