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Great farm tours at Tamerlaine -- and music in the barn with the Port Jervis Consort!

PORT JERVIS, NY -- Have you ever gone to a concert in a barn? If not, you might want to watch for a repeat performance at the local Tamerlaine Sanctuary & Preserve. It's located right on Clove Road in Montague, NJ.

Besides being able to enjoy a visit with a huge variety of rescued farm animals, in a very natural farm setting, yesterday's tour of the farm included a concert by the Port Jervis Consort -- in a barn.

A vocal ensemble with flute, cello, and piano accompaniment kept a full house of attendees entertained following tours of the farm. It was GREAT!

Best of all, it was great to see the animals so very well cared for in natural preferred habitats. Each area had barns and shelters of various sizes, pools for animals' pleasure and cooling, ponds for ducks and geese, rocky ledges and perches for the chickens, roosters (and peacock), and fresh water, food, and acres of grassy land across the entire farm, with full-time staff tending to the animals and sharing stories about their rescue as well as quirky personalities,

It would be hard to find a better suited sanctuary for rescue farm animals -- and it's right here in our community. What a great place to support. We'll be back, for sure!

(Oh, and there is an Airbnb on site in an beautiful farm house, which we were told could be rented by single room or for a large group, overnight or for an event. What a perfect setting for any gathering!)

Sorry for so many photos, but we found them to be pretty adorable. Their personalities were definitely able to be noticed, too, including a couple of cows struggling for control of their turf and an ornery tail-fluffing turkey.

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