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Laurel Grove cemetery walk brings glimpse into past

Port Jervis' historic Laurel Grove Cemetery is not only a final resting place for hundreds of past residents and families, but a beautifully designed, quiet place where many walk daily simply for its beauty and serenity. Set between the Delaware and Neversink Rivers, the cemetery's paths intertwine between burial sections surrounded by trees and headstones of varying age and notation.

A recent Cemetery Walk was led by local author Mike Worden. The walk provided the approximately 50 participants who turned out to take part in it a chance to learn about some of the lives of people who are laid to rest in Laurel Grove. These grave sites extend through past centuries through present.

Shared here are some of the photos of specifically selected stops that were made. During each stop, Worden shared noteworthy glimpses into past lives, which he and Minisink Valley Historical Society Director Nancy Conod previously researched.

This was fascinating and informative, and a chance to share a walk on a beautiful fall evening. It also provided a \chance to pause and remember the impact of former residents, soldiers, leaders, even founders, of our beautiful city.

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