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Meet Your Second Ward Candidates

Candidates answers to the questions sent to them.

Maria Mann

1. A wife, mother, grandmother, business woman that is very passionate about my family. I am dedicated and committed to my business which I have been operating here in Port Jervis for the past 31 years and take my work very seriously. I am fortunate and very grateful to have parents that raised me with strong old fashioned values. They molded me to become the person I am today. They instilled me with values of hard work, respect, to treasurer my family and friends , faith and community. With honesty, determination and consideration I have grown with our community that I call home. I am very passionate about my business and the community I serve. During my down time I enjoy the outdoor sports, sketching and riding my Vespa around town.

2. The circumstances that prompted my interest in running for a seat on the Port Jervis City Council were deeply rooted in my love for this community and a strong desire to contribute positively to its growth and well-being. It is one of the most rewarding endeavors I have ever undertaken. Specifically, I became motivated to run for re-election after witnessing the challenges our city has faced in recent years. The economic struggles, infrastructure issues, and concerns about public safety have all deeply affected the residents of the 2nd Ward. I believe that with my experience and dedication, I can continue to work towards addressing these issues and ensuring a better future for our constituents. 3. My experience and education have equipped me well for this position. I have served as a member of the Port Jervis City Council since 2017, which has given me valuable insight into the workings of local government and the specific challenges our community faces. Additionally, my background in business administration and finance has provided me with the financial acumen needed to make responsible decisions for our city's budget. This combination of practical experience and education positions me to effectively serve the residents of the 2nd Ward. 4. If re-elected, there are several changes I would like to bring about in Port Jervis. Firstly, I want to focus on revitalizing our local economy. This means attracting new businesses and supporting existing ones to create job opportunities for our residents. I also aim to address our infrastructure problems, particularly the state of our roads and bridges, which are crucial for both residents and businesses. Additionally, I want to enhance public safety measures and work closely with local law enforcement agencies to make our streets safer for everyone. To achieve these goals, I will collaborate with fellow council members to develop and implement comprehensive economic development plans, secure grant funding for infrastructure projects, and engage with community organizations to improve public safety through community policing initiatives. It's essential to work together with stakeholders to create a brighter future for Port Jervis. 5. If elected, my primary goal is to make tangible improvements in the lives of the residents of the 2nd Ward. I want to accomplish the following: a. Foster economic growth: I will work tirelessly to attract new businesses to our city, support local entrepreneurs, and create a business-friendly environment that encourages job creation and economic prosperity. b. Infrastructure improvement: I will advocate for funding and oversee infrastructure projects to repair our roads and bridges, enhancing the quality of life for our residents and ensuring safe transportation routes. c. Public safety: I will collaborate with law enforcement agencies and community organizations to improve public safety through proactive community policing, which fosters trust and cooperation between residents and law enforcement. d. Fiscal responsibility: I will continue to prioritize responsible budgeting, ensuring that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and efficiently. To achieve these goals, I will work closely with my fellow council members, community leaders, and city departments, always keeping the best interests of the 2nd Ward and Port Jervis as a whole at the forefront of my efforts. Together, we can create a brighter future for our city. As always I remain accessible to all the residents of our city.


Maria Mann

Sean Addy

1.If you were to introduce yourself, how would you describe you?

Sean lives in Port Jervis with his wife Tonya and three children and is also a small business owner in the city. A professional artist, Sean graduated from Pratt Institute with his BFA and has had the privilege of illustrating several award winning children’s books early in his career. He shifted his focus to the art of tattooing when he moved into Port and now owns The Shop Tattoo on Jersey Avenue. Sean believes in the importance of our small business community and is proud to own a business that has been operating in Port Jervis for over 30 years. Goodwill has always been an important part of Sean’s life and he proudly supports local charities and fundraisers each year through his business. In addition, Sean hosts annual events at his workplace that engage the community to raise significant funds and donated goods. These events have supported many nonprofits throughout the years including the Salvation Army of Port Jervis, Fearless, the PJ Warming Station, the Outdoor Club of Port Jervis and Victory Hill Therapeutic Horsemanship. Sean serves on the Board of Directors of the Port Jervis Soap Box Derby and started volunteering to help organize the event more than 24 years ago, well before ever living in Port. He is the Co-founder of the PJ Stone Challenge, a sporting event held in the Watershed Trails, which raises thousands annually to support the Outdoor Club of Port Jervis. Sean Also currently serves on the Planning Board, Recreation Committee and the Port Jervis Tourism Board helping our city to grow through events and city planning. Living in a strong community is everything to Sean and he is proud to both raise his family and own a business in a city like Port Jervis. Sean truly understands the importance of a engaged, transparent and accessible city government and is excited about the opportunity to serve the city, with mutual focus on its business, its natural resources and its people. 2. What motivated you to become a candidate? When my wife and I were dating we would come up for the weekends to get away from the city. With each visit we stayed longer and longer paving the way to live here and raise a family. While we still lived in Staten Island we became part of the Soapbox Derby family during its inception 25 years ago. My eyes were opened to the idea of community. Something I lacked as a kid and I wanted to be a part of it. I loved seeing people come together to make change, help others and be part of something bigger. That idea stuck and grew with me over 20 years and led to me wanting to go the next step. I want to take all the growth the city has seen and keep that ball rolling. Working together for our community with people of like mind. 3. What issues do you believe the city is facing? Well it’s not just one thing. With growth and change there are always growing pains and with those pains come economic and inequality pressures . Mix in the current state of the country, inflation, housing problems and a growing mental health crisis and you have a heavy burden on a small city all while trying to grow and make our city beautiful. 4. Any ideas as to how to remedy them? Not to make change sound so negative, you need to change in order to grow . It’s our job to approach each issue and make life manageable, safe, fair and equitable for everyone. Whether it’s housing, mental health support, public safety and quality of life. Working with the community hand in hand and utilizing the proper state and county organizations as well as developing grants to support and ease any burden our citizens feel is the most important part of our job. It’s not easy as I’m sure any past or present council members can attest to. As long as we work together it can happen. 5. What is your vision for Port Jervis? I want it to be a city that not only people want to visit, but want to live and start families in. To be something that my children and their children want to be a part of. To be proud of their community and the work that was done to help it grow. To want to be leaders in their own right supporting Port Jervis for generations to come. Keith Yennie

1. If you were to introduce yourself, how would you describe you? I would describe myself as down to earth and open minded. 2. What motivated you to become a candidate? I was asked to run and I thought that i wouldn't be able to represent the way our city needs but after much thought, I decided that i believed that i could be the voice people wanted and I was honored that I was asked! 3. What issues do you believe the city is facing? The city is facing many issues, from children to seniors and the citizens of PJ, The issues aren't' the issue, the issue is bringing this community together and working on a better tomorrow. 4. Any ideas as to how to remedy them? One of our goals is to bring more communication and transparency from the council to our community,i believe that is key! 5. What is your vision for Port Jervis? I have lived in Port Jervis all my life, my vision is to make this the place you want to be! I want this city to continue to grow and keep the Port Pride Alive!

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