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No more mandatory mask-wearing at the library!

No more mandatory mask-wearing at the library!

By Sherry Mohan-Neves

Port Jervis Free Library

Oh, happy day, the Port Jervis Free Library will no longer require patrons to wear masks as of March 2. Both patrons and staff may still opt to wear a mask, and masks will be available and free to anyone who requests one. Take a deep breath, and let’s all hope this is truly the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. It’s been a long journey.

Three excellent new biographies:

“Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama” by Bob Odenkirk. We loved him on Breaking Bad and its follow-up, Better Call Saul – now read the laugh-out-loud autobiography of this man of many talents. From performing stand-up comedy to writing for The Simpsons and SNL – and then, he tried his hand at drama and broke really big!

“I Was Better Last Night” a memoir by Harvey Fierstein. One-of-a-kind Fierstein pens his life story, and what a story it is.

“White Lies” by A. J. Baime. “The double life of Walter F. White and America’s darkest secret.” Born in 1893, with white skin, blue eyes and blond hair, Walter White was, in fact, mixed race. Little known, he was “completely devoted to uplifting and advancing the Black race during a violent, racially-charged era of the Jim Crow South.” A “riveting biography of the man who was once Black America’s most influential leader and whom the annals of history are daring the public to forget.”

Visit the library's website at to browse all our offerings including print, audio, video and online programs for children and adults. No Internet access? Have your library card handy and call the Port Jervis Free Library at 845-856-7313, ext. 3, and a circulation clerk will help you. Extended hours of Wi-Fi access are available from the seating areas and parking lots outside the library at 138 Pike Street, Port Jervis, from 8 a.m.-11 p.m. seven days a week.

“Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama” by Bob Odenkirk, “I Was Better Last Night” by Harvey Fierstein, and “White Lies” by A. J. Baime. – photo by S. Mohan-Neves

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