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Outstanding open-air concert held on Port Jervis' historic Glennette Field!

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

(Includes five video clips of student performances, posted at end of photos.)

Flag Day in Port Jervis brought not only a great salute to America’s flag in a 6 p.m. ceremony at City Hall, but also a fun-filled, very enjoyable evening of music beginning at 7 p.m. at Port Jervis Middle School’s Glennette Field.

Port Jervis Middle School’s Spring Concert carried a very unique and special opportunity for participating seventh and eighth grade musicians, and for these students who were attending their final concert in the East Main Street Middle School.

Believed to be a first in the middle school’s history, the PJMS Jazz Band and Seventh and Eighth Grade Bands and Chorus were able to perform their Spring Concert open-air. A stage and chairs were assembled for the event at the entrance to the school’s historic century-plus football field, Glennette Field.

The mid-June early evening weather could not have been nicer for such an event. Other than maybe the direct sunshine hitting portions of the stage as the concert began, it was perfect! Even the sunshine issue was quickly solved by parents who quickly hurried forward to deliver sunglasses for squinting musicians.

It was a fun, relaxed atmosphere overall for students in the outdoor setting. Dressed in black and white, with some splashes of red, musicians were able to move to the side while not performing, and to enjoy their last concert together at PJMS.

Band Director Matthew Carlozzi said the outdoor setting was chosen for just that reason.

“We wanted it to be relaxed and special. We’re grateful for the help of the custodial staff, teachers, and administrators in allowing this to happen, and everyone's help and patience,” Carolozzi said.

Carlozzi noted that this is the last time this year’s seventh and eighth graders will perform in-concert at Port Jervis Middle School. Since this year’s seventh and eighth grades will both be moving to PJHS/ASK complex for School Year 2022-2023, only incoming new seventh graders will meet at PJMS for the next school year.

Carlozzi also noted his own movement. He will be teaching at HBE for School Year 2022-2023. He praised this year’s middle school students and their parents for the cooperation he has received.

Performing under Carlozzi’s direction at the June 14, 2022 (Flag Day) outdoor concert were PJMS Jazz Band (performing James Bond Theme and Ants in the Pants) and PJMS Seventh and Eighth Grade Band (performing The Tell-Tale Heart, Darklands March, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Transformers.

Between performances by the two band groups, the Seventh and Eighth Grade Chorus, under the direction of Erin Cross (accompanied by Ruth Gordon), performed three songs. They were Shiru L’Adonai, Shut De Do, and Waving Through a Window (from Dear Evan Hanson). As in portions of the band performances, the chorus featured select soloists for portions of their songs.

Thank you, Port Jervis Middle School musicians and teaching staff, for a really great evening at Glennette Field!

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