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Regional authors meet readers at Port Jervis Free Library

By Sharon E. Siegel

PORT JERVIS, NY -- Six regional authors gathered at Port Jervis Free Library this past weekend to the delight of readers who had a chance to meet, listen to brief presentations, and personally talk with each author. The six spoke about their books, writing, inspiration and paths to becoming published writers/illustrators, and more. Stationed in the upstairs children’s room of the library, they were joined by four library staff members who also greeted visitors throughout the event.

Thank you, authors and library staff! This was a great visit and interaction this past Saturday, November 5.

Books by the six visiting authors may be ordered on Amazon and other publishing sites, and the authors may be reached through listed site below. They are:

1. Lucia Chiarelli, from Newburgh, NY: Books include Advice from a Sicilian Rebel, Confessions of a Serial Soulmate Searcher: The Dating Adventures of LeeAnn Tourneau (LEEANN TOURNEAU MEMOIRS), Lamentroy, DIRTY LAUNDRY: THE LUKE WARM CYCLE (LEEANN TOURNEAU MEMOIRS), Criminal Spirit

2. Jeffrey Montanye, from Middletown, NY. This author shared that he struggling with glioblastoma, which makes his writing slower but that he is as determined as ever, for as long as possible, to do so. His books include Madison Kleigh – Ghosts in the Mist, Madison Kleigh – Lost in the Amazon, Madison Kleigh and the Onyx Stone, Beyond Blue – Take Me Home to Earth, Mind Child, 50 Clothespin Ornament Crafts Book, Photographer’s Guide to the Mid-Hudson Valley, Maze Zing – Junk Drawer Jewels

3. Debra Scacciaferro, lives in Warwick, NY. She says she got a late start in writing and many ideas were placed aside only to finally recently be acted upon and completed. Her books are set in the Hudson Valley/Catskill region and included State of Innocence and most recently (to be released this month) American Nightingale, which is set post-Civil War at the famed Catskills Mountain House. She also hosts workshops and helps writers find direction to their own writing and publishing successes.

4. Lee Andrew Forman is an author, editor, and publisher from the Hudson Valley, NY. He writes horror books for adult audiences. His most recent, Bury Box, is based in part on encounters in a Fair Oaks (Route 17M) house he briefly lived in as a child. Other books included Zero Perspective, Fragments of a Damned Mind, Safe Harbor, The Bones of Hillside, and Ticket Please. He is also a partner in the publishing company Siren Call, and hosts a writer’s group.

5. Antoinetta McGooey (pen name Elisabetta Bannerman) is a high school teacher of science, chemistry, and psychology. She lives in Matamoras, PA and recently published her first books, a memoir, as a means of moving past feelings she felt had been holding her back. Her recently published book (2022) is: When Blood Is Not Thicker Than Water: A Memoir On Leaving A Toxic Sibling Relationship. Its intention is to aid the author in healing from a toxic relationship and to help those that are in and/or have experienced a similar relationship.

6. Joanne Mattern was born in Nyack and lives in Suffern, NY. She is the author of more than 350 books for children and teens, many of them about animals – with at twist. She loves writing mostly non-fiction. Her animal books share what is special, good, dangers posed, if they are endangered, but mostly how fascinating and cool each one is. Bats, Sharks, Snakes, Spider, Turtles and Frogs, Squirrels, Flying Creatures, are some of these animals. Other topics include famous places, people, history, science, and more.

About Port Jervis Free Library

Nearly a century-and-a-quarter after construction, Port Jervis Free Library remains one of the most historic, treasured, and loved buildings utilized daily in Port Jervis.

“Port Jervis Free Library was the first organized in New York State under the Free Library Law of 1892. Up until 1903 then the library was located on the second floor of the Farnum Building on lower Pike Street. By 1893, the library had outgrown its space and steel industry magnate Andrew Carnegie agreed to donate money ($30,000) towards its construction. With a substantial contribution of land made by local businessman Peter Farnum the library was designed by W. S. Ackerman of the New York City architectural firm of Ackerman and Ross and built by local contractor Lorenzo Wood. The cornerstone was laid in 1902 and opening ceremonies took place in 1903.”

Joanne Mattern

Joanne Mattern

Debra Scacciaferro and Lucia Chiarelli

Elisabetta Bannerman

Jeffrey Montanye

Jeffrey Montanye

Lee Andrew Forman

Lucia Chiarelli

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