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Replacing Lost Income: A Practical Guide

By Camille Johnson

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Replacing Lost Income: A Practical Guide

Life can be a struggle when you’ve lost your job or are down on your luck in other ways. The bills need paying, and you can’t keep asking friends or family for handouts. We’re here to tell you that not all hope is lost – with some focus and hard work, you can get back on your feet in no time. Remember – you’re always valuable, despite current circumstances, and employers need you just as much as you need them.

Here, we offer advice on how you could replace your lost income and get stable again:

Get a survival job

The job of your dreams may be out of reach right now. You should get practical and look for a temporary “survival” job that pays the bills. You could potentially survive until you’re ready for the job of your dreams. Some suggestions:

  • Temporary or part-time: A seasonal or part-time job lets you make enough for living expenses while leaving you free to study or hone your skills.

  • Look for “hiring urgently” or “easily apply”: Employers who want to hire immediately don’t always look at resumes and offer reasonable wages.

Build up your skills with an online degree

When you have a sought-after skill, it’s easy to find a job. If you don’t have any marketable skills at the moment, you could always build them up. You could apprentice under someone, go to trade school, or find an internship. There are countless skills that you can pick up in as little as a few months’ time that could land you a well-paid job. Business News Daily lists top in-demand skills.

Another option is earning an online degree. People who pursue an online degree have the advantage of scheduling flexibility as classes can be tailored to accommodate individual schedules. For example, if you’re considering a bachelor of education online to get your teaching license, earning an online degree offers affordability and flexibility.

Figure out if you have any existing marketable skills

Everyone has talents – you probably have a few marketable skills already that could help you get a job already. If you’ve always had a way with words, you could be good at marketing or sales. If you’re social, you could enjoy a job in sales, social media, or customer care. You could do an aptitude test, understand your strengths, and then attempt to find jobs that play to them. ResumeSpice lists 10 free aptitude tests that are worth checking out.

Consider freelancing or remote work

When personal obligations or your lifestyle doesn’t let you hold down a full-time job, freelancing or remote work could be a good alternative. These jobs are much more flexible than traditional employment and allow you to set your own hours, typically. You can find remote work online or through networking (again, skills can help).

Start your own business

Having your own business can help secure your long-term future. Although it can take a few years to get established, it’s definitely something worth considering. You need a marketable idea, a business plan, and some seed money to get started. You can create an LLC to protect your personal assets against liability. The other benefits include less paperwork, more flexibility, and some tax advantages.

Network and then network some more

Whether you’re seeking traditional employment or starting a business, networking is your ticket to success. It’s always about whom you know, not what you know (or even what you do). You can network at job events, classes, online groups, social media, and through friends and family. You can always cold-call existing businesses or even reach out in person.


It may be a good idea to come up with an employment or income generation plan. You could create some practical goals and follow them – it would help you feel empowered and give you a sense of control over your life. Keep working hard, set good goals, consider earning an online degree, and you will be making money before you know it.

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Camille Johnson

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