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"The Prison Minyan" a new humorous fiction about Otisville Federal Prison

"The Prison Minyan" a new humorous fiction about Otisville Federal Prison

by Sherry Mohan-Neves Port Jervis Free Library Who knew there was a wealth of funny stories coming out of Otisville Federal Prison? Apparently, there is in "The Prison Minyan" by Jonathan Stone, and though most of these characters are fictitious, this close-to-reality novel is sure to entertain. From the book cover: "Welcome to Otisville, America's only Jewish Prison ... where a new celebrity inmate is about to shatter the peace." (A minyan is the Hebrew word for a quorum of ten.) "As the only prison in the federal system with a kosher deli, Otisville is the penitentiary of choice for white-collar Jewish offenders, many of whom secretly like the place. They've learned to game the system, so when the regime is toughened to punish a newly-arrived celebrity convict who has upset the 45th president, they find devious ways to fight back." "Jonathan Stone brings the sensibility of Saul Bellow and Philip Roth to the post-truth era in a sharply comic novel that is also wise, profound and deeply moral." Other new fiction titles: "Atomic Anna" by Rachel Barenbaum "The Missing Piece" by John Lescroart "Mecca" by Susan Straight "Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments", magic and adventure by T.L. Huchu "The Wedding Veil" by Kristy Woodson Harvey "Woman on Fire" by Lisa Barr "The Long Weekend" by Gill Macmillan "The Younger Wife" by Sally Hepworth "The Resting Place" by Camilla Sten "Family Money, a Thriller" by Chad Zunker In large print: "The Sugarcreek Surprise" by Wanda E. Brunstetter

"The Prison Minyan" by Jonathan Stone

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