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Weekly vigil held for People of Ukraine and Peace

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

St. Peter's Lutheran Church (Port Jervis, NY) invites everyone to join in weekly vigils hosted Tuesday afternoons on its church lawn. The vigils are for the people of Ukraine and all those affected by war and violence around the world.

On Tuesday, March 15, St. Peter's held the first of what has become weekly Tuesday afternoon vigils. The vigils begin with the ringing of its church bells at 5:30 p.m., and are followed by prayer. Led by Pastor Mary Button, participants meet on the lawn at St. Peter's Lutheran Church -- W. Main St., Port Jervis, NY.

While the air was chilly, the feelings were warm -- as always -- during this afternoon's vigil, Tuesday, March 29. Everyone is invited to join in during any Tuesday afternoon vigil.

"Please come and join us on site or take a moment to pray when you hear the bells ring. Let our hearts and minds be one in this cause of peace. Please spread word of this vigil to as many people as you can so the cause can grow in strength. In Jesus' name we pray."

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