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What's Up In Our Schools!

It’s coming close to the end of a school year with lots of activities happening.

In the past weeks, there have been quite a few students acknowledged for their contributions to our community and their hard work.

The Kuykendall Awards were presented on May 5th. The award, which has been awarded annually for the past 28 years, is named for the late Theodore Kuykendall, a local businessman, former school board member, and community servant. It was established to honor those students who exhibit a strong academic record, participate in extracurricular activities, and serve their community through volunteerism. Four awards were given this year. The recipients were Rachel Fuller, Dakota Duryea, Kevin Mesnick Jr.,t and James Dognazzi Jr.

Also announced recently are the Scholar Athletes. This honor is presented by the Orange County Interscholastic Athletic Association to students who are the best and brightest based on their academic and athletic achievements. Winners this year are Erin Witkowski and Daniel Corcoran.

Coleen Koenig was named K 104s Teacher of the Month. Coleen is a 9th -10th grade teacher at Port Jervis High School.

The semi-formal was held on May 7th at the Elks Club. Also, the Powder-Puff football game returned on May 5th as a fundraiser for the SADD Club. In the Powder-Puff game, the girls play football and the boys are cheerleaders. The coaches are teachers and administrators along with varsity football players sharing their expertise. The referees are also varsity football players. It was a beautiful night and a close game.

A variety of musicals have been presented by the various schools for your enjoyment.

There are a lot more activities scheduled to bring a semi-normal year to a close.

You as taxpayers have one of the most important ones. That is voting on school board members and the budget. I have attached segments from the district mailer so you can revisit them before you cast your vote. Remember the vote is on May 17th and it is important to support our district so our students can continue to be successful.

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