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Winter Wonderland

By Sharon E. Siegel

There are so many beautiful photos of our Port Jervis community 's current Winter Wonderland! No matter the season, I think most would likely agree that we live in an absolutely gorgeous region.

I am posting some of the photos that I was able to get in a very small sample and period of time. But I've seen many breathtaking and fun photos shared by others on social media. Thank you for sharing, and for the image reminder of how special our little city is.

In the photos posted here, a sledding hill at West End Beach shows one multi-generational family enjoying the snow together. They were kind enough to okay my photos to be taken, and said that right before I arrived there were many more there. I saw lots of other places were families were enjoying similar time on backyard hills of all sizes throughout the city.

At the beach there was a person shoveling to the feral cat shelter; a reminder of the creatures that live outside in all types of weather and the kindnesses shown. There were also many people walking around and offering to clear sidewalks for others. I've seen posts about the kindnesses, and appreciation for many helping hands.

Happy Winter, everyone!

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