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Godeffroy family displaced by intense fire

Thank you to the many fire departments and firefighters who helped at the scene or in other ways during Friday’s structure fire in Godeffroy.  Units from the following departments responded to help:  Cuddebackville, Huguenot, Westbrookville, Matamoras, Howells, Slate Hill, Greenville, Sparrowbush, Otisville, Pocatello, Port Jervis, Westfall, Forestburgh, and Wurtsboro. 

Thank you, also, to the ambulance corps, EMS, police, and the neighbors of the fire victims who assisted in multiple ways on scene, with a medevac, and in providing water, medical care, and other help.

An elderly veteran burn victim was treated and transported, three pets were saved, and the other two residents of the home were helped at neighboring homes as firefighters fought to extinguish and then overhaul the two-story structure. Thank you to each who helped, and prayers and thoughts to those who lived in this home.

Posted are photos of some of the many who worked diligently for several hours on scene on this hot spring day doing what they are trained and committed to as caring emergency response volunteers. 

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