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New Year's Day 2022 Oath-of-Office completed in Port Jervis

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Photos and Brief: Sharon E. Siegel

All ten members of Port Jervis’ Common Council and a majority of the officers of Port Jervis Fire Department completed their Oath-of-Office on New Year’s Day, 2022. A total of fifteen individuals were sworn into office at the January 1st ceremony, which took place at noon in the historic Port Jervis Middle School auditorium.

The Oath-of-Office was administered by lifelong resident Honorable Robert A. Onofry, Justice of the Supreme Court.

Port Jervis Police Chief William Worden served as Master-of-Ceremonies, and welcomed those taking their oaths and a limited number of family, friends, and guests, each of whom wore a mask according to ongoing Pandemic guidelines.

PJPD Chaplain Rev. Tom Zahradnik of First Assembly of God Church provided the Invocation and Benediction.

Port Jervis Common Council members who completed their Oath-of-Office were Mayor Kelly B. Decker, Councilman-At-Large Stanley B. Siegel, 1st Ward Council Elizabeth Miller, Regis Foster, 2nd Ward Council Maria Mann, Misty Fuller, 3rd Ward Council Michael Decker, Denis Livingston, 4th Ward Council Melissa Newhauser, Timothy Simmons.

Port Jervis Fire Department officers who completed their Oath-of-Office were Fire Chief Keith K. Brown, 2nd Assistant Fire Chief Jeffrey D. Lewis, Treasurer Rob A. Waligroski, Deputy Chief 1 James W. Rohner, Jr., Deputy Chief 2 Jeffrey S. Rhoades. Not present, but who will also complete an Oath-of-Office 2022, are 1st Assistant Fire Chief Anthony W. Fuller, Secretary William R. Werner, Deputy Chief 3 Dominic M. Cicalese, and members of the Port Jervis Fire Police.

Light refreshments were served on the covered patio entrance outside of the auditorium.

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