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Orange County students (names listed below) awarded for substance use prevention posters and essays

By Sharon E. Siegel

MIDDLETOWN, NY – It was a great pleasure for Port Jervis Newsroom to cover the annual Alcohol & Drug Awareness Council of Orange County (ADAC)’s Substance Use Prevention Poster and Essay Contest again this spring.  Dozens of students from Orange County were awarded in various categories for their positive presentation against substance abuse. 

Besides meeting the very talented students, it was great to see the artwork and hear the essays created by our Orange County youth. Student names and entry categories are listed below.

It is noteworthy to mention that this award event is always 100% about the students, and a celebration of their work.  Every student was called to the stage and a large image of their work shown on a screen, one-by-one as they were individually recognized and applauded.

Families, educators, and others were in attendance to see the pride exhibited by students, ADAC staff, and other guests who assisted in awarding certificates and awards.

The ceremony was held at the Paramount Theater in Middletown, NY on May 10, 2024.  Congratulations to all who were recognized on that day, and to all who entered. 


ADAC is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to address substance use disorder by …

EDUCATING the general public about substance use disorder as a treatable family disease;

ADVOCATING on behalf of those suffering the effects of substance use disorder;

DEVELOPING a countywide voluntary constituency of actively concerned individuals educated to the problems of substance use disorder;

PREVENTING substance use disorder through education and information dissemination.

A statement given by ADAC TEAM is as follows:

“It was great to watch the pride and enthusiasm of the ADAC team in greeting each of the students as they crossed the stage. This team put a lot of effort into celebrating the student work and in getting the important message out, all aimed at saving lives and preventing substance abuse. On hand to congratulate each student were ADAC Prevention Coordinator Maryalice Kovatch, Prevention Educator Rebecca Hulse, Program Assistant Denise Hulse, Stop DWI Program Educator Lauren Savino, and Mid-Hudson Prevention Resource Center Jennifer Ocasio.”

A message shared by ADAC about Orange County’s District Attorney and the D.A.’s thoughts about the poster and essay contest mission:

FROM ADAC:  Orange County District Attorney David M. Hoovler, who deals with the impact of alcohol and drug abuse frequently and in countless ways, was among those who expressed his gratitude for the efforts of ADAC and the importance of prevention in elementary, middle, and high school-year age groups.

From District Attorney David M. Hoovler: “Any prevention is good, and this is very positive and worthwhile. The real problem is within the 27-40 age up.  I hope this continues to resonate with the younger ages as they prepare for their future.”


Honorable Mention Posters

Grades 1-3

Alexandria Azevedo, 3rd Grade, GIS

Gianna Bianchi, 3rd Grade, GIS

Kiera Blessing, 3rd Grade, GIS

Mariska Boroden, 3rd Grade, GIS

Julia Gisonna, 3rd Grade, GIS

LaVie Guzman, 3rd Grade, GIS

Mahrosh Irfan, 3rd Grade, Pine Tree

Maddox Iturrios, 3rd Grade, GIS

Lucas Joseph, 3rd Grade, GIS

Jordan Leonard, 3rd Grade, GIS

Arianna Pedron, 3rd Grade, GIS

Mila Ramirez, 2nd Grade, Pine Tree

Kamila Rodriguez, 3rd Grade, Pine Tree

Sophia Rogich, 3rd Grade, GIS

Felicia Sgambati, 3rd Grade, GIS

Desmond Seibert, 3rd Grade, GIS

Alice Stoycheva, 2nd Grade, Pine Tree

Evan Suero, 3rd Grade, GIS

Zaire Thomas, 3rd Grade, ASK

Kimberly Torres, 3rd Grade, Balmville

Isabella Trujano-Lopez, 3rd Grade, GIS

Jenna Zheng, 3rd Grade, GIS


Honorable Mention Posters

Grades 4-6

Brielle Almonte, 6th Grade, ASK

Grace Blake, 5th Grade, GIS

Cecilia Boesch, 6th Grade, CJ Hooker

Ella Brinckerhoff, 6th Grade, ASK

Lena Brown, 6th Grade, HBE

Abigail Brown-Kraus, 5th Grade, Pine Tree

Evangeline Broyles, 5th Grade, GIS

Averie Cox, 4th Grade, ASK

Emily Garbutt, 6th Grade, CJ Hooker

Aubrey Gardner, 6th Grade, CJ Hooker

Darla Gautier, 5th Grade, GIS

Madelyn Hoffman, 5th Grade, GIS

Shinbii Jeon, 5th Grade, Pine Tree

Amber Leithner, 4th Grade, HBE

Troy Loomis-Regelski , 4th Grade, GIS

Yuliana Lopez, 5th Grade, GIS

Emilia Martinez, 6th Grade, Greenwood Lake

Lydia Miller, 6th Grade, Crispell

Victoria Palazzo, 6th Grade, HBE (Theme Winner)

Ryan Robertson, 6th Grade, HBE

Lemon Savatta, 4th Grade, GIS

Hunter Scott, 6th Grade, HBE

Kate Seigel, 5th Grade, ASK

Ava-Marie Smith, 5th Grade, ASK

Harper Steinberg, 4th Grade, GIS

Lucy Viebrock, 5th Grade, GIS


Honorable Mention Posters

Grades 7-9

Hannah Aprile, 8th Grade, WMS

Aliya Beebe, 9th Grade, PJHS

Crisairy Cabrera, 8th Grade, PJHS

Killian Case, 9th Grade, PJHS

Gianna DiGiantommaso, 9th Grade, PJHS

Briar Dolson, 9th Grade, PJHS

Isabelle Fountain, 8th Grade, PJMS

Lia Fox, 8th Grade, PJMS

Aiden Hand, 9th Grade, MAF MS

Elijah Kelley, 9th Grade, MAF HS

Leisa Jean-Baptiste, 9th Grade, Circleville MS

Riyah Lebron, 9th Grade, PJHS

Brian McElroy, 9th Grade, Arden Hill

Samiyah McKenzie, 9th Grade, Minisink Valley HS

Audrey Miedema, 9th Grade, Minisink Valley HS

Serena Moncada, 9th Grade, PJHS

Ryleigh Payne, 8th Grade, PJMS

Audrey Shannon, 9th Grade, PJHS

Anaya Texidor, 9th Grade, PJHS

Anna Velichko, 7th Grade, PJMS


Honorable Mention Posters

Grades 10-12

Jade Casey, 10th Grade, MAF HS

Clover Hartwick, 10th Grade, MAF HS

Jason Herb, 12th Grade, MAF HS

Kacie Lynch, 10th Grade, PJHS

Shania Charles Mazza, 10th Grade, PJHS

Ava Saint Louis, 12th Grade, PJHS

Robin Sweeney, 11th Grade, PJHS

Katharine Werlitz, 11th Grade, PJHS


Honorable Mention Posters


Clinton Berg, 6th Grade, HBE

Joy Christensen, 6th Grade, HBE

Angel Colon, 6th Grade, HBE

Justice Colon, 6th Grade, HBE

Adriana Leinweber, 5th Grade, HBE

Declan Swires, 6th Grade, HBE

Lauren Bialt, 11th Grade, Orange-Ulster Boces

Aine Bloom, 11th Grade, Orange-Ulster Boces

Grace Del Pilar, 12th Grade, VCHS

Gabriella Faison, 11th Grade, Orange-Ulster Boces

Samantha Guerente, 10th Grade, MAF

Avi Guillen, 11th Grade, Orange-Ulster Boces

Jessica Hoffman, 12th Grade, Orange-Ulster Boces

Jamie Honders, 7th Grade, PJMS

Eamonn Mulleady, 11th Grade, GHS

Sofia Puertas, 11th Grade, GHS

Jayden Terwilliger, 7th Grade, PJMS

Giavanna Torres, 8th Grade, MAF

Chris Vargo, 11th Grade, Orange-Ulster Boces


Honorable Mention Essays

Grades 1-6

Ella Brinckerhoff, 6th Grade, ASK

Xavier Cauthen, 6th Grade, ASK

Davianna Freeman, 6th Grade, ASK

Natalie Halpenny, 6th Grade, ASK

Tess Hoehmann, 5th Grade, EJR

Jacob Howell, 6th Grade, ASK

Leni Kaplan, 6th Grade, ASK

Henry Lehn, 6th Grade, ASK

Jacqueline Maciel, 5th Grade, EJR

Austin Murphy, 6th Grade, ASK

Aidan Reed, 6th Grade, ASK

Asher Scofield, 5th Grade, EJR

Wyatt Sudol, 5th Grade, EJR

Charli Tauszky, 6th Grade, ASK

Sopuruchi Ugwu, 5th Grade, EJ


Honorable Mention Essays

Grades 7-12

Sergio Becares, 11th Grade, HCS

Natalie Benincasa, 12th Grade, VCHS

Lucas Maisonave, 11th Grade, HCS

Tyshan Mitchell II, 12th Grade, VCHS


Third Place Poster Winners

Grades 1-3

Mike Naula, 3rd Grade, GIS

Grades 4-6

Elena Heater, 5th Grade, ASK

Grades 7-9

Nicholas Valdes, 8th Grade, Washingtonville MS

Grades 10-12

Elijah Carattini, 12th Grade, Port Jervis HS

Third Place Digital Winners

Keira Davis, 12th Grade, Minisink Valley HS

Nakayla Colon, 9th Grade, Port Jervis High School

Third Place Essay Winners

Grades 1-6

Olivia Raines, 6th Grade, ASK

Essay, Grades 7-12

Madison Elwyn, 10th Grade, HCS


Second Place Poster Winners

Grades 1-3

Magnus Tebaldi, 3rd Grade, Goshen Intermediate

Grades 4-6

Lillian Montemurro, 4th Grade, Goshen Intermediate

Grades 7-9

Cielo Ramos Acevedo, 8th Grade, Port Jervis Middle School

Grades 10-12

Juliana Olivero, 10th Grade, Port Jervis High School


Second Place Digital Winner

Emily Decker, 11th Grade, Orange-Ulster Boces


Second Place Essay Winners

Grades 1-6

Nevaeh Dennett, 5th Grade, Harmony Christian

Essay, Grades 7-12

Jules Burke, 12th Grade, Valley Central High School


First Place Winners

Grades 1-3

Allison Gallagher, 3rd Grade, Goshen Intermediate

Grades 4-6

Isabella Jiang, 5th Grade, ASK

Grades 7-9

Kayleigh Hall, 9th Grade, Port Jervis High School

Grades 10-12

Isabelle Gomez, 10th Grade, Port Jervis High School


First Place Digital Winner

Madison Pilios Gawrych, 11th Grade, Goshen High School


First Place Essay Winners

Grades 1-6

Brycen Beauchesne, 6th Grade, ASK

Grades 7-12

Natalie Deoragh, 11th Grade, Minisink Valley


Grand Prize Poster – English Category

Grades 1 – 6

Aubrey Cirigliano, 6th Grade, C.J. Hooker Middle School


Grand Prize Poster – Spanish Category

Grades 1 - 6

Kaia Oum, 4th Grade, Goshen Intermediate School


Grand Prize Essay

Grades 1-6

Scarlett Voight, 5th Grade, Edward J. Russel Elementary

Grand Prize Poster – English Category, Poster

Grades 7-12

Alexandra Lathouris, 12th Grade, Marguerite A. Flood HS

Grand Prize Poster – Spanish Category, Poster

Grades 7-12

Kaylee Makarenko, 11th Grade, Port Jervis High School

Grand Prize Digital – Spanish Category, Poster

Grades 7-12

Gabrielle Polarski, 11th Grade, Port Jervis High School

Grand Prize Digital – English Category, Poster

Grades 7-12

Robert Dewitt, 12th Grade, CTE at OU BOCES


Grand Prize, Essay

Grades 7-12

Emma Koenig, 12th Grade, Harmony Christian School


2nd Annual Lori Hulle Memorial Prevention Poster Award

Julia Elston, 11th Grade, Port Jervis High School

5th Annual Teacher Appreciation Award

Catherine Stellato


Thank you, Poster Judges!

Alayne Eisloffel, Tri-County Prevention Coalition

Michael Bark, Orange County Youth Bureau

Eileen Buckley, Prevention Specialist

Isabella Bragaglia, Prevention Intern

Jake Castro, Prevention Specialist

Zebediah Francis, Prevention Specialist

Denise Hulse, Prevention Specialist

Taiya Negron, Prevention Specialist

Brian Rudden, Prevention Specialist

Frankie Wright, Prevention Specialist


Thank you, Essay Judges!

Arabia Shearn, Prevention Educator

Natalie Gatto, Prevention Educator

Mylene Ortiz, Mental Health Prevention Specialist

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