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PJFD pays tribute to past chiefs and will host Memorial tonight, July 7, 6 p.m.

PORT JERVIS, NY -- Port Jervis Fire Department officers – past and present, firefighters, chaplain, and families, and city officials traveled together in a procession of vehicles from Port’s Municipal Building to the graves of past department chiefs last evening, Thursday, July 6. Tributes were paid to past chiefs in several local cemeteries as part of PJFD Inspection Day pre-parade events this week.

The first cemetery and grave site visited was Laurel Grove, where PJFDr’s first Chief Engineer Jacob Brandt and his family are interred. Brandt was elected as the department’s first chief in 1959, the same year Port Jervis Fire Department was adopted. Brandt was not only PJFD’s first chief, but also served as a trustee for then-Village of Port Jervis. He was born in December of 1828 and died at age 50, in August of 1879.

While gathered at this first grave stop on Thursday evening, a badge was presented to the department’s new chaplain, Father Anthony Giacona, by Chief Keith Brown, 1st Assistant Chief Anthony Fuller, 2nd Assistant Chief Jeffrey Lewis. and Deputy Chief/Past Chief James Rohner.

Prayers were led by Chaplain Giacona at each of multiple cemetery and grave stops.

Tonight, Friday evening, July 7 at 6 p.m., a Memorial Service will be held at Port Jervis Fireman’s Monument on lower Pike Street.

All are invited to attend.

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