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Port High School Commencement -- Class of 2024

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Navarro ....

“A large part of what made me who I am today is the community I was surrounded by.  I’m glad I grew up here.  There are so many paths available to all of us, and I know we’ll each find something that suits us, so long as we search for it,” Navarro told her classmates.

Ramos noted the marking of the end of the most unforgettable chapter in life thus far, and the awaited turning of tassels and tossing of hats.  She reflected on not having been involved in sports, choir or theater, but never having had so much fun as being part of the ‘student cheering section’ over the years, nor more pride than in challenging herself to choose and complete hard classes.

“Without a doubt, saying goodbye to the people we have grown up with will be the hardest part of this day.  We have been surrounded by goodbyes our whole lives.  From kindergarten through our junior year, it was almost guaranteed that every goodbye before summer meant ‘see you next year’ or even ‘see you next week’.  However, saying goodbye today does not promise the same,” Ramos told her fellow graduating seniors.  “Classmates, it has been such a great privilege to share this journey with all of you.  No matter how far apart we are, I promise to always cheer you on.”

Gonzalez spoke of the unique gifts every classmate has.  He encouraged each to put others before themselves, and to be thankful for the good things that happen in life.

“The next time you face a difficult situation, be thankful for what didn’t happen to you.  Remember that ten percent of life is what happens to you, and ninety percent is defined by how you react to it.  This means that whatever happens to you does not matter nearly as much as how you react,” he said.  “Now, everyone, say it with me. Go Port!”


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